School registration recognized IAC Brazil


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School registration recognized IAC (only Brazil)

Discover the Advantage of being an IAC Affiliated School

Being a recognized IAC Associate School is synonymous with High Professionalism.

IAC collaborates with institutions, hotels, institutions, foundations, associations, schools, universities.

The training process must meet a standard such as Uni Iso 9001 in the field of Educational activities, Uni Iso 21001 in the field of provision and design of formal and non-formal professional training courses and Quality Management, Compared to UNI EN ISO 19011.

The Disciplinary was realized and chaired by the IAC President Dott. Simone Falcini, Auditor for Designing Training Courses in European Quality Standard ISO 29990 and Auditor for Quality Management Systems, Compared to UNI EN ISO 19011.

Independent Association of Chefs, professionally operates daily in order to select the profiles of members in compliance with IAC Disciplinary, and Enhances and Supports the category of Chefs, in order to ensure the good name and value of Italian cuisine in the world, and products of Italian excellence, traditions linked to local customs of the Italian territory.

AIC represents the category with Institutions, Bodies and Associations.

The Advantages

Membership fee to its students (of professional paths)
Free participation of Professional Chefs in the “5 Gold Stars of the Cousine Brazil” and “5 Gold Stars of the Junior Chef Cousine” awards.
Receive the badge “School of Excellence Recognized Independent Association of Chefs”


Admission requirements for School recognition

Accept the IAC Statute.
Accept and abide by the AIC Code of Ethics.
Be in possession of the tax code and/ or VAT.
Own your own Logo.
Curriculum Vitae of the founding members, or of the legal representative, teaching director, competence assessor, certificate evaluator, management bodies, directors, teachers, and/or all internal and external collaborators.
Updated list of teachers assigned to the training, and who possess the necessary requirements to teach the path that engages them in teaching, that corresponds to similar professional paths already carried out and/or that we have gained work experience in the sector.
The pathways issued must fully meet the requirement to confer Knowledge and Competence to carry out the future profession. The routes must be structured with a high standard of quality.
Possess a quality certification system or present a quality management program in training activities.
Have an updated list of teachers.
Payment of the annual fee.


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